Relationship marketing is one of the MOST important marketing advice tips that can be given. Ask yourself, “Do you really have a relationship with your customer? Does it really matter? Do you go the extra mile to recognize that customer for coming into your business?”  Hopefully, you answered with a resounding “yes”! In today’s highly competitive market, having a relationship with the customer, where the customer doesn’t just feel like a number, is one of the most important marketing strategies you can implement and maintain.

Think about how important your customers are and realize that 80% of your sales comes from 20% of your customers. An organization needs to be able to identify this 20% consumer base, grow that base, and make that base feel a connection to the business. Customer relationship marketing is all about establishing brand loyalty. When you are not working on building your brand loyalty, a competitor can take that client/consumer from you. When you have a strong relationship with a customer, you are supporting brand loyalty. When you have brand loyalty, then the customer will have consistent preference for your brand over all others.

7 Tips for creating a relationship with your customer and establishing brand loyalty:

  1. Develop a relationship with your customer, letting them know they are important to you-TALK TO THEM!
  2. Learn your customers names and greet them with their name and mention something positive you might remember from a previous time together
  3. Show your appreciation–Reward your customers through implementation of loyalty program
  4. Engage your customers—For example, provide a forum where customers can talk about their positive experiences. (Customers sharing good things about you, goes so much further than you telling others why you are great). Provide opportunities for blogs, having a review published, giving advice on product usage (such as if you have a gardening center and the consumer uses your products, have them post photos of their garden afterwards and tips they have).
  5. Solicit feedback from your customers-show them that their opinion counts—that they are an individual who means something to you, not just a number or a dollar sign
  6. Give them a reason to come back
  7. Provide value and quality

Relationship marketing is simply placing your customer at the center of all you do! When you are working on relationship marketing, you are working on fostering customer loyalty, increasing interaction, and long-term engagement. Connect with your customer so that they remain connected with you! Always try to remember their name and their face.

Written by: Sabrina Pack, SkyWest Media Professional Marketing Consultant