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Utilizing the Digital Media Platform

The digital world of marketing is often divided into three divisions. These include owned media, paid media, and earned media. Each of these forms of media overlap and influence the digital marketing platform. Knowing how to utilize the triad is extremely important in the design and implementation of marketing strategy. The ultimate goal is to provide your consumer with the greatest overall customer experience, appropriately targeting the consumer at each stage of the buying process, from awareness, to consideration, to the decision to buy.  Each area of the triad has a very special purpose. When effectively used together, each area influences the overall effect on the consumer to take action.

When marketers talk about content marketing, we are talking about a strategic approach aimed at distributing valuable content to a specified audience. The digital triad becomes the platform to distribute this content.  It is critical that the content needs to have a consistent branding presence. Even when targeting different segments with varying messages, there is still a need for consistency with brand image and the quality of the experience being curated.  Customers care about experiences and, when utilizing the digital world triad, each form of media can be leveraged to enhance these experiences.

Written by: Sabrina Pack-Professional Marketing Consultant with SkyWest Media