Facebook Marketing:  What is a “Relevance Score” for a Facebook Ad and why does it matter?

Facebook ads have a “Relevance Score” from 1 to 10. The “Relevance Score” pertains to how relevant your ad is to the audience who received the ad.   It is important to aim for a high relevant score as then the ad is more likely to be served to your targeted audience, but if you have not properly matched the ad to that audience, then your score will be lower and your ad may cost more, too!  So—WHY does it matter? Higher relevance score equates to better reach and lower ad costs.

It is important to utilize A/B testing. You can test your images to see which images are better received. Facebook ads cannot have more than 20% text. Facebook is about images.  Tips to ads content:  Each ad needs to have a Call to Action (CTA). Images of people’s faces typically perform better and especially if the photo is of a women, of course depending on the industry. Also, image ads often perform better when there is text over the image. The logo is important in the ad, but remember if your logo has text, this can could as part of your 80/20. Remember only 20% of your ad can be text, but that text should have some form of CTA.

Relevance scores are impacted by the success of your image. Having an exciting, engaging, and even funny image helps to “sell” your ad, gaining appeal, which helps your relevancy score and lowers your cost.   It is important to remember to keep your content fresh, so even if your ad has a high score, it may lose its relevance over time, because it is not fresh and consumers become impartial or de-synthesized to the image.

TIP:  Images are great, but video can be even better!!!!  Relevance scores can often score a “10” when video is used properly, meaning targeted correctly, and containing the aligned message to that audience.  ~ Sabrina Pack-PCM of SkyWestMedia.com