SkyWest Media offers expert knowledge in the broadcast industry.  With more than a decade of experience operating terrestrial AM and FM stations serving southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona, SkyWest Media offers marketing solutions across one of the most affordable mediums in the market-radio!

As shared by Nielsen research company, radio reaches over 38 million adults 18+ each week in America. Those listeners spend nearly 5 hours each week engaged with the content on the radio. Radio reaches a captive audience in a vehicle with 72% of the audio time spent in a vehicle, spent on AM/FM radio.  One of the most exciting parts about radio is the return on investment (ROI). Nielsen research indicates that for every dollar spent on radio advertising produces a return of six dollars in incremental sales.

Radio is a powerful tool and SkyWest Media knows radio—we built our business on radio.  Whether you are looking to capitalize on radio in your markets or in the markets where SkyWest media holds assets, let SkyWest Media help you develop winning strategies for advertising success.

In southwestern New Mexico, SkyWest Media offers:

  • KNFT-FM (102.9 FM) Today’s Best Country
  • KNFT-AM (950 AM and 96.5 FM) Oldies, Talk-Rush Limbaugh and Coast-to-Coast
  • KSCQ-FM (Q929) Adult Contemporary
  • KPSA-FM (97.7) Classic Rock

Broadcast Media Services include:

  • Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Market and Competitive Advantage Analysis
  • Campaign Development-targeted marketing
  • Negotiation and Placement of Paid Schedules  
  • Creative Development
  • Spot Production
  • Account Management