SkyWest Media focuses on a providing a 360 degree experience for your customer and for you.  Putting “your” customer in the center of all strategy focus, SkyWest Media’s goal is to formulate and implement the total marketing package to engage your consumer in your brand for your success. We are ready to capture your customer’s attention and then keep it!

Consulting: Integrated experiences build brand identity. Knowing the industry, strategic consultation can transform ideas into visions and visions into action. Consulting services are each custom designed to meet the unique goals of every client. One size never fits all. No two businesses are the same. Let us help you with strategic management and marketing courses of action, utilization of technology, to a myriad of other areas of expertise.

Services include:

  • Expert analysis of the internal environment and external environment of the company, including competitive advantage determination, market positioning, and market opportunities
  • External environmental forces analysis including comprehensive competitor review
  • Marketing plan development
  • Strategy development
  • Customer journey mapping and touch point assessment
  • Seminars with company team members to motivate and unify a company vision for the team development of an actionable marketing plan

Paid Media: Today’s competitive world requires that you standout. Paid media solutions across all platforms and channels can build unified brand awareness and engage customers for higher sales. Whether you are looking for how to get the most out of paid media in the digital world or are looking for out-of-home, broadcast (t.v. and radio), or print advertising, we know the intricacies of the channels, helping to navigate the best utilization of resources.  We can write copy, produce, place schedules, and implement buys for paid media across all platforms. As media analysts, we understand targeted marketing and how to get the most out of your marketing investments. We will negotiate for you and do all the work, too!

Services include:

  • Broadcast Media-radio/t.v. script development, production, and ad placement in targeted markets
  • Print-Design and implementation of print media campaigns for newspaper and magazines
  • Out-of-Home ad campaign creation and placement for signage (billboards)

Digital Marketing and Social Media Management:  Digital marketing is an extremely important component of any marketing platform.  From Google AdWords to harnessing other strengths of the digital environment, SkyWest Media offers the expertise to take you to the next level. Social media marketing requires more than just a Linked In profile, Facebook post, or occasional tweet.  Social media management is a strategic process that requires market alignment, with content marketing and brand engagement strategies to produce results.

Combine SkyWest’s digital marketing and social media services with their professional videography and other services for a complete brand experience and marketing strategy. With the emerging market needs of professional videography, marketers are recognizing that embedded video on websites can increase traffic up to 55% and visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media.   The power of video is undeniable. SkyWest Media professional videography is aimed at creating excitement for your brand and can be used to create customer engagement across many platforms.

Services include:

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Web Development
  • SEO / SEM
  • Social Media Platform Development and Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Development
  • Consumer Generated Content Strategy Development / Organic
  • Internet Ad Campaign Development and Implementation

Political Marketing: The marketing campaign and its management is one of the most critical components to success, from the federal level to the state / local level.  Our political clients work intricately with us. Together we create powerful, memorable ad campaigns across all platforms of delivery, including broadcast, digital, and print. With more than a decade in the profession of political marketing, let our team of strategists, guide you through marketing process. Our campaign marketing process includes alignment with rules/guidelines for advertising and seeks to find the best strategies for ad placement and media awareness as possible on many different levels of budgets. Let us navigate the system for you—with you to create highly targeted and engaging marketing initiatives. Put our team to work for you. We know the political marketing arena!

Services include:

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Social Media and Web Site Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video production of candidates messages / professional photography – development of marketing tools specifically for the unique needs of political candidates
  • Graphic Design
  • Ad Creation / production across platforms including production and distribution
  • Ad Placement / Purchasing across platforms (radio, t.v., direct mail, digital, social, print, and more) and all target regions